Monday, February 4, 2013

In brief -- signed agency agreement

I guess it's getting more real.  We signed the agency agreement for our new donor, and I contacted our lawyers (who are a good group; I can give the name if anyone needs) for the needed amendment to our surrogacy contract and to draft the new donor contract.

Here we go again...we even chose the donor payment plan which costs more but which is refunded if pregnancy is not achieved.  I wish we had done this last time.  But no, we naively believed that a new donor and a new surrogate were the ticket to parenthood.  We could have saved a few thousand dollars -- although in the scheme of things, that is such a miniscule amount.

They may have been referring to us when they said "million dollar baby."

I just hope my parents really do know how incredibly grateful I am for their help with this.  Dear Husband and I would not be able to afford even a portion of this on our own.  And I am one of the lucky few without student loans!  I try to tell Mama and Daddy periodically how thankful I am, but I hope they know I truly mean it.  I don't want them to think I take this for granted.

Although I do hope we are eventually granted children.

But for now...a presentation on cryptococcal meningitis (it's C. gatti, and there's a cyrptococcoma...totally sweet!!!) is stubbornly refusing to write itself.

And the public service announcement du jour: if you have HIV, PLEASE take your medication!  You can stay so healthy!  My poor patient nearly lost his life, all because of the aforementioned infection which could easily have been prevented.