Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another update -- also known as procrastination -- Change of place, change of luck

But not too much procrastination.  I do need actually to pass my Internal Medicine boards, after all, and study time is scant.

But in brief: we have decided to change IVD clinics.  I had no great love for our previous clinic, and as it turns out, their rates are below average and overall poor.  I'll not get into specifics but basically we've noted serious detail problems and are ready to move on.  We're considering two clinics.  One is CCRM and one is on the west coast.

A Hebrew phrase goes, משנה מקום, משנה מזל, meaning "change your place, change your luck."  In some ways I feel odd writing that as our darling A is a true miracle.  But I think you all know what I mean.

I won't mention here the name of the centre which I just "divorced."  I don't want to slander or speak ill and I can't remember if I mentioned it previously or not.  I will simply say that I now know a much better centre in Chicago, and if anyone needs the recommendation, feel free to contact me.

Now -- practice exam questions and hopefully a new entry in my journal to A.