Friday, February 10, 2012

Again, trying to be positive.  Let's see with what we can come up.

1. Something I never realized bothered me until recently was that, from an evolutionary standpoint, I have no reason to exist.  BUT -- when God created the universe, He didn't make any mistakes, right?  So I must have a purpose.  I have a reason to be here.

2. Pursuing surrogacy is meaningful in ways a regular pregnancy can never be.  Other couples celebrate only a pregnancy and the birth of a baby.  We celebrate we we find an egg donor, when we find a surrogate, when we sign a contract, when they implant the embryos, we we find out we are pregnant, and at the birth of a baby.  And if we celebrate so many times before a baby is even created, how much greater can our joy be when we eventually get a baby or babies.

3. There are so many people cheering in my corner.

4. If this many people tell me I am maternal, maybe I am, and if so -- there must be a reason.

5. Think of the guilt trips if I even have children -- "You cost more than our house before you were even born!"

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