Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another update -- also known as procrastination -- Change of place, change of luck

But not too much procrastination.  I do need actually to pass my Internal Medicine boards, after all, and study time is scant.

But in brief: we have decided to change IVD clinics.  I had no great love for our previous clinic, and as it turns out, their rates are below average and overall poor.  I'll not get into specifics but basically we've noted serious detail problems and are ready to move on.  We're considering two clinics.  One is CCRM and one is on the west coast.

A Hebrew phrase goes, משנה מקום, משנה מזל, meaning "change your place, change your luck."  In some ways I feel odd writing that as our darling A is a true miracle.  But I think you all know what I mean.

I won't mention here the name of the centre which I just "divorced."  I don't want to slander or speak ill and I can't remember if I mentioned it previously or not.  I will simply say that I now know a much better centre in Chicago, and if anyone needs the recommendation, feel free to contact me.

Now -- practice exam questions and hopefully a new entry in my journal to A.



  1. Long time no read!!! I decided to hop on a few blogs for old time sake and look you posted!!! So glad your trying for number 2. My twinkies are 2 now and getting into everything. Still not talking but they will when there ready. I went to school to be a medical assistant and have my RMA exam in a few weeks. Good luck on your test.

  2. Your life story is so beautiful! I couldn't hold back my tears reading your blog. I'm so happy for you! You're pure inspiration for many girls) I also had de ivf, in Ukrainian clinic. I can’t have kids without medical help. I was diagnosed with Turner syndrome. So my husband and I decided to try de ivf. When we were looking for clinic, the main criteria for us were positive reviews, professional doctors and good service. We've chosen Ukrainian clinic. Our neighbors tried donation there and the procedure was successful. They shared their reviews and thoughts about the clinic and the process with us. Also we've read some reviews of other couples, who were their clients, about good specialists, high rates of successful treatments and fertilization procedures. The clinic has good specialists and high rates of successful treatments and fertilization procedures. I’ve got pregnant from 2nd attempt. Now I have my precious girl. The clinic was just great, much to our relief! Everyone was friendly and helpful. All staff was professional. We had an English interpreter from the clinic with us at all times. She was a lovely girl and any questions were answered fully, no matter how silly you think they are to ask! Communication via email and phone was fantastic. All answers were received straight away. I couldn't hope for more caring and friendly people in so stressful time. I would recommend it to anybody. Now I have my daughter and I'm the happiest mom in the world! Speaking about price, we chose a 'Double' package for €6 900. It includes guarantees up to two attempts. They also have 'Economy' package for €4 900 with one attempt and a package for €9 900 with 5 attempts. In case of last package, the clinic promises to refund money in case of 5 failures. I have no regrets! My daughter is my little copy. The clinic controlled the whole procedure. Our program coordinator was supporting us during whole process and answered all our questions. My biggest dream came true and finally I have a family I was dreaming about for so long time.