Thursday, December 17, 2015

Welcome to Denver...whose population at this time does NOT include Mim or A

Dear readers,

I intended to greet you all from Denver.  This would have been the first time I actually attended an embryo transfer.

Apparently the travel safety authority felt otherwise.  I have that dangerous, 104-pound baby-toting mama look.  Clearly I am force with which to reckoned and a menace to society.  When provoked I could poor milk on people's heads, or magnetic fish.  I could even bore them to death by reading Goodnight Moon twenty times over.  Or worst yet, I could give them all diabetes by providing too many animal crackers.

This must have been the thought process of the TSA, since they opened every single bag, took everything out, tested every possible surface of the stroller and carseat, and - as this took half an hour -- made me miss my flight.  Which was the last flight that would have gotten me to Denver on time.

Thanks for keeping us safe, TSA.  After all, now I stand absolutely no chance of an accident or attack on a plane since I won't be getting on one.

I *may* have thrown fit at the gate.  Of course there weren't any passengers there since they'd all boarded on time and the jetway was already closed.

Also, may I just note that I asked the TSA officers MULTIPLE TIMES if I would be able to make my flight.  I also asked them if it was possible to notify the gate that I was being checked and would be delayed.

I "would be fine."  Except I wasn't.

So once again, I am not even close to the baby-making.

Whatever.  At this point -- I am used to it.  And it isn't as if I expect anything but failure anyway.  It just stinks because I really wanted A to meet her surrogate mommy, and I too really wanted to see N. Husband says maybe we will fly out to N's home state of California if this all works out, and go to an ultrasound together.  First of all, that would require a successful transfer, which has happened only one out of seven previous transfers.  Second, I cannot take any days off between January and July and I will be working each Saturday from February on.  So exactly how I am supposed to fly to California, I have no idea.  And I don't remember them doing ultrasounds routinely after the 18-20 week anatomy scan.  We could of course go just to visit, but that would likely be at the same time we want to go to Israel.

Let this not be misconstrued.  I am still quite grateful the transfer is even happening, and grateful to N for going through all this especially without me there.  And I ended up having delightful morning with my miracle baby, the sweetest most amazing little light of my life.  I may never have another baby (despite my mother's unflinching optimism), but I am beyond blessed with the one I hold now.

To adapt my usual end-of-consult line: thank you for allowing me to blog the chronicles of this very "pleasant" (ha!) journey.  Will follow.

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