Monday, January 23, 2012

After that last bitter post -- time to think about someone else!

...and give a huge mazel tov to B, L, and their daughter-in-the-making!  B has matched into a urology residency after delaying his postgraduate training a year because the (clearly blind) urology programs didn't want him first time around.  Fools!  But, not to be discouraged, B found a high-powered research position at a VERY prestigious institution.  And NOW, he has officially matched at a great program in the Midwest.  I am so excited for the 2.5 of them!

It also is a great lesson in attitude.  B could have been bitter, envious, and terrified of his uncertain future and the possibility that four years of medical school went to waste.  Instead, he threw himself into his research year.  He and his wife explore their temporary home, and have numerous adventures under their belt which will shortly be a thing of the past.  They took advantage of the free time before his residency.  And I never ONCE heard him complain.

That's the way to handle disappointment.

So why can't I?

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