Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Which our heroine uses her physical exam skills, walks many miles, and enjoys beautiful summer weather

Oh, glorious summer!  This vacation is passing far too fast!  I am not at all prepared to start internship.  Couldn't they give us another month, or two, or three...but I guess not.  I spent the majority of yesterday enjoying the outdoors and walked a total of ten miles!  Not at once -- I walked four miles in the morning listening to a Medical Knowledge Self Assessment Program (MKSAP) lecture about diabetes while basking in the bright sunny day.  I originally planned to stop at the library and fill in the gap in my Russian Literature with Anna Karenina, but I forgot my library card.  So after a very nice lunch with my grandmother, sister, and cousin at Mongolian Barbecue, I set out again, because aside from trying to exercise I am trying to "be green" and driving to the library -- a mile away -- is NOT green and also a sin when the sky is blue and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and the temperature is just perfect.  So I walked to the library, but it was so nice out that I ended up extending the walk, so it turns out that three miles later I was back at home with Tolstoy as the literary guest du jour.  I started making dinner, finished with help from Husband, and then he wanted to take a walk.  As he definitely needs the exercise, I agreed to another walk, so three miles and a lovely visit to my grandmother later, we returned home.  Total: ten miles!  I really enjoy walking with Husband not only because we get our exercise, but also it gives us a chance to talk without a television or other distraction.  We had a nice conversation last night about raising children and I learned some interesting history about his step-siblings.

Today I finished the lectures on diabetes while enjoying another perfect summer morning.  I ended up by my grandparents, and got roped into going to the office with my grandfather for his afternoon orthopedics clinic.  We saw seventeen patients with interesting findings.  I caught an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear.  Both Drawer and Lachman tests were positive, although my grandfather elicited the forward movement of the leg much more easily than I.  I suppose it's a matter of mass and experience.  I also injected a knee with a cortisol/lidocaine combination and correctly identified a ganglion cyst (which felt surprisingly indurated).  This was reassuring, since feel most uncomfortable with my musculoskeletal exam.  ***Note to medical students, residents, and physicians: the NEJM has a wonderful Video in Clinical Medicine about examination of the knee.  Watch it.***  My shoulder exam is still lacking, though.  I haven't properly reviewed it since January and have forgotten too much.  But some I could still remember.  Oh, and we did a nice incision and drainage on a boil which was likely MRSA.  Ebe pus, ebe vacuo.

Aren't I a fun person about whom to read?  It gets worse -- I have also been reading Harrison's the last few days.  Seriously, though, I do have fun.  Tomorrow my sister and I leave for a day and a half vacation in Chicago.  I have one destination in mind, and it is the Cheesecake Factory.  I am mildly obsessed.  Just mildly.  Not as if I already know exactly what I'm ordering or something...dulce de leche cheesecake...We will also see the Willis nee Sears Tower and walk the Magnificent Mile.  Perhaps a museum or two as well?  Fireworks over Navy Pier?  Who knows?  I would never live in a big city, but I love visiting.  Let's just hope the weather cooperates.  I have yet to enjoy good weather in Chicago.  I've done sweltering, humid August, freezing December and January, and June which would have been nice but I dressed for the eighties and it was in the sixties.  This time I am checking the forecast.

Not too much else.  Husband will be working hard through the weekend but promised me a date night Saturday night.  Yay!

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