Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to Internship!

Apologies for the long break in posting.  It's been a busy several days.  We started orientation to residency, and I've been trying to take care of as many errands and get the house as organized as possible before residency -- especially since my first rotation is general medicine wards, and I am on call the first night!  Clearly when he created the schedule, the chief resident confused me with somebody who actually knows what she's doing.  The program director promised us that we will not kill anyone, and my mentor told me I am "more than competent," but I am afraid I will prove both of them wrong.  I guess I'll just do my best, and pray that my patients do okay.  On the plus side, my co-interns are really nice, and I enjoyed meeting many of them at orientation and at the welcome picnic.  We're a melting pot of American, Indian, Persian, Arab, and more.  I wish there were more women interns, but I guess that just means we are so good, we're worth twice as many men :o)  Several interns have families, and the little ones (I met them at the welcome picnic) are so adorable!  One intern brought his seven-year-old little girl, who is adorable and has such a cute, exact way of speaking, and his four-month old infant, who made me want to pick her up and hug her.  But the Vice Chair of Education beat me to the punch and wouldn't let go of the baby for almost an hour, so I didn't get a chance.  I think somebody is dreaming of grandmotherhood!  Another intern brought his three-year-old and eighteen-month-old boys, who ran around and were also adorable.  They look almost like twins -- the elder has Down's Syndrome and so is small -- and had a great time playing with the hammock.

We had some sadness Friday night, which I would write more about, but it'll have to wait a few more weeks for reasons that will later become clear.  I will simply say that Husband and I are trying hard to stay positive, count our blessings, and remind ourselves that any heartache we experienced along the way will be altogether insignificant if -- no, WHEN -- we hold a baby in our arms.  At least I hope and pray it's "when...."

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