Monday, September 26, 2011

It's self-centered to document the silly little chronicles of my life, but then nobody is required to read, so I suppose it's okay.

I'm writing this from my brand-new laptop, bought with the sweat of two floor months and one night float. A lot of H&Ps went into me being able to afford a computer.  It is a good feeling to be able to say, "I earned this computer.  I worked hard and saved up and then I walked out of the Apple store with a 15-inch MacBook Pro."  I am grateful to my parents for all their support, but I feel bad asking them for money when I am married and supposed to be an adult, so it felt nice to purchase this computer myself.  We would still need major assistance if a surrogate or two would ever walk into our lives, but then who knows -- maybe by then we will have saved up the money ourselves.

Okay, focus on the positive -- so many people wish they had been expected to medical school, and (kinehora) I have a wonderful family and husband.  And I should remind myself that I get six children in Heaven.  But I wish I could have some soon too.

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