Wednesday, September 14, 2011


First of all, I should correct my previous post entitled "Heaven."  Actually my Heaven will have six children.  How can I forget Baby B, and my almost-son Baby A.  And of course my beloved great-grandmother will help me take care of them, because she is already keeping watch over them until I (hopefully not for a long time) join them.

I'm super sleepy right now.  This rotation started out light but somehow the "VA spa" Red team grew to fourteen patients and didn't diurese, and we have some very ill patients.  I don't mind -- challenge is good -- and in fact my day was less bad today because I got to Gram stain :o)  I have missed one Gram stain, third year, of course when my mentor was rounding and I wanted to make a good impression.  I have not missed one since.  I also spin my own urine, examine my own peripheral blood smears (and now know how to make them),  review images with radiologists.  Oh, and I EXAMINE my patients.  Should it worry me that I might be the only intern doing so?  And that I try but still don't do all these things on all my patients each time I should?  I really worry about the future of medicine.

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