Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Someone: Our heroine wishes she had someone who would listen

Mama keeps saying I am depressed but I disagree.  I just need someone to listen.  But how could she understand, really?  She had four children, effortlessly, without even one month of disappointment.  She had me while trying NOT to have children!  So what could she possibly understand?  Yet I so wish she understood.  Other people realize this hurts.  Why doesn't she?  And Mama's failure to understand hurts almost as much as this whole process.

I just want someone to listen and to give me a hug.  My internist/mentor is so wonderful and caring, but by now must be exasperated with my whining; moreover, she's got her leadership roles at the medical school and her family for which to care.  I shouldn't keep burdening her.

I should learn to comfort myself without imposing on others.  Perhaps this writing will help -- if nothing else, at least I can complain without anybody else being forced to read this.

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