Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Which Our Heroine Requests Advice or, When the White Coat get Heavy

Dear all,

I could use some advice.  Being a senior resident is TOUGH!  How does one manage the team?  And teach?  And supervise the interns while giving them autonomy?  And teach the medical students and make them think Internal Medicine is the BEST field EVER (because it IS!!!)  And not break down crying because of outside stressors?  And -- for the really ambitious -- get sufficient sleep?

I suppose that last can be answered by not blogging late at night.  So I will go to sleep now.

Goodnight all.  Moadim l'simcha for those celebrating Sukkoth.


  1. Can't help you there. I never made it to algabra!!! I am a hands on kind of person.

  2. I have news for you. After years and 4 failed surrogates I went to Prague Czech Republic and transferred 2 donated fresh embryos. With my hormone problems and everything I was getting symptoms very early like 7 days after transfer early. I am now 16dp3dt!!!! And Pregnant!!! I really hope you are next so we can be pregnant together. I still feel even though you are using a surro It will be your pregnancy!! That is the same way I felt when I was trying to use a surro as well. Let me know how your doing!!!!

  3. Mazel tov -- I am so happy for you! I hope it goes smoothly and safely and you deliver a bundle of absolute joy in about eight months!