Monday, December 24, 2012

After a long reprieve: some infertility humor, and Israeli movies I do and do not recommend

I'm sitting on my living-room sofa, nursing a cup of tea and watching the snow fall.  Dickens himself couldn't be more satisfied.  While I obviously don't celebrate Christmas, I staunchly believe 25 December should be snowy white.

Dear Husband's parents arrived yesterday from Israel and we have had a lovely visit thus far.  The volume of the house has, however, risen several decibels.  That's what happens when you deal with Israelis.  But I love it.  I've tried to tidy in bits and pieces to keep it manageable.  Having two extra people in the house nudges us toward entropy, to put it scientifically :o)  We had an especially cozy night last night with a fire in the fireplace, me snuggling next to Dear Husband on the sofa, and watching בוקר טוב, אדון פידלמן.  I can't actually recommend the movie even to those of you who understand Hebrew because I didn't feel it came together well.  I do, however, HIGHLY recommend the hilarious if completely sacriligeous and crass זוהי סדום.  I promise, you will NOT be disappointed.  It stars the cast of ארץ נהדרת, need I say more?

I realize this blog has been woefully lacking in humor lately.  For shame, Mim!  I haven't got anything hilarious up my sleeve, but we will try.

Holiday gifts/activities for the infertile, particularly she with any form of premature ovarian failure:
1. chocolate and wine (no explanation needed)
2. a carton of eggs (can't use them for IVF, but at least you can bake a cake to eat during your pity-party
3. baby powder (just add water?)
4. a test-tube ornament -- looks great when complemented by silver tinsel
5. For us Jews, use the test-tubes to make a Chanukiyah (aka menorah).  I recommend tossing the traditional olive oil and burning baby oil, of course!
6. Decorate your negative pregnancy tests with glitter and hang them as ornaments.
7. Pomegranates (going biblical never hurts)

Hope that was good for a few laughs!


  1. I definitely got some laughs out of your gift ideas! In fact, I already used two for the girls in my Resolve support group! I gave everyone chocolate and pomegrante lip balm, for fertility and shiny lips, of course!

    I really enjoy your blog so keep up the posting and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2013!

  2. Glad you got some laughs, Kim! Best wishes to you too -- and be proud of your blog -- I enjoy reading! (I'd say be bloody, bold and resolute but stick with bold and resolute -- sounds safer :o)

    Happy and Healthy New Year!