Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vacation, all I ever wanted

That's right.  Since Monday afternoon I am on VACATION!!!  I don't have to be at the hospital for another two weeks.

How will I spend said vacation?  Good question!  I started by having my every-three-year cardiologist appointment.  I only have to go every three years since my heart is fine.  If you're wondering what to expect at a cardiologist appointment, they started with an EKG, then an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart), and then I saw my doctor.

My doctor is a sweetheart and an excellent clinician, and we got to read my echocardiogram together.  I have sinus bradycardia, but am asymptomatic (can wearing a scarf increase vagal tone?) and my EF and diastolic function are normal.  Translation: I have a slightly low heart rate but it doesn't bother me, and my heart's pumping and relaxing functions are normal.  I also have an adorable ventricular septal aneurysm, which means where the hole between the two bottom chambers of my heart filled closed itself into a really adorable shape.  It looks like a little heart!  Also (phew!) my aorta looks normal.

The other screening for girls with Turner's Syndrome is MRI/MRA of the thorax and abdomen to evaluate the aorta, the renal arteries, and the kidneys.  FYI not all of these tests can be done at once.  You should also expect to have an IV started because these tests require contrast.  The contrast is gadolinium, and when it is injected one should expect a flushed, warm feeling throughout the body.  It is such a curious sensation!  I have the abdominal studies completed and they're normal, so we are just waiting on the thoracic studies.

But not to worry, I do have plans for fun.  I am reading Charles Dickens (Bleak House, and it's wonderful!), with plans for Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni next.  Also I hope to do a little shopping.  And some writing.  And exercising!

And now, for the irony of the day: Jehova's Witnesses just came to the door and offered me a pamphlet about being a single parent.

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