Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've Gotta Crow

In a rare turn of events, Mama, Daddy, and I are all caring for the same patient.  I can't provide details out of respect for my patient's privacy.  But I can say that I out-diagnosed and out-historied my Mama.  (rib fracture and pulmonary history)  I'm sure it was just a stroke of luck.  But I'm still going to brag.


  1. I am not above bragging! Good for you! How did you end up workign with both your parnts!? 3 docs at the same hospital?

  2. It is interesting, let me tell you! They are both very involved in the residency as my mother is Vice Chair of Education for the Dept. of Internal Medicine, and my father just stepped down from Chief of the Division of General Medicine. They both round with the teaching services and while I am usually not allowed to be on their teams due to conflict of interest, nobody looked at the rules as closely while I'm on the subspecialty service :o) Rounding with them is intimidating because they are such good clinicians and also I care far more about impressing them than I do the other attendings. But that's a good thing, I guess -- it pushes me.