Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just between close family, friends, and THREE HUNDRED MED STUDENTS!

Dear readers,

I always knew my mother (while able to keep a secret -- I thought) had no filter.  She gets it from my grandfather.  But I thought she had a reasonable amount of common sense.

What, then, prompted her to tell three hundred incoming third-year medical students that her daughter (yes, the one at the SAME MEDICAL SCHOOL/RESIDENCY) is expecting via surrogate and is nine weeks along?  And that she requires a surrogate because her aorta is a delicate flower waiting to dissect?

No, gentle readers, she did not first ask my permission.  Nor did she tell me she had told them.  I found out from a friend who is in the third year class.

Oh, and she also told them about how we had and lost Sweetpea.

I realize you all know this story.  But I post anonymously, and there is only one person in my real life who knows of this blog's existence (who I doubt reads my posts and who knows me better than I know myself).

So there goes my grand plan of keeping all a secret until, G-d willing there is a baby.  And what if this puts an Evil Eye on everything?

So here we are.  Now what?  Do I just hope people don't bring it up?  Do I now have to start telling people?  I don't want to tell people.  I want to keep this secret because I am still terrified something could go wrong at any minute, and I don't want people asking how the baby is when the baby isn't.


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