Thursday, June 13, 2013


Thank you again everyone for your encouragement.

Surrogate had a repeat ultrasound today...and there is a little embryo measuring 7w1d with a heart rate of 145!

We still have thirty-three very nerve-wracking weeks to go, but thank you to Hashem for granting me at least this.  Maybe G-d really does hear my prayers.  I guess being at the Kotel (Western Wall) doesn't hurt.

Husband and I continue to have a wonderful time, and I may have eaten WAY too much popcorn while watching a wonderful new Israeli movie tonight called פלאות (Wonders) starring Adir Miller.  I highly recommend it, by the way.  (The movie -- not the popcorn binge).

I will also soon post pictures of a wonderful hike we did in the Ayun Wadi, aka נחל עיון or נחל תמנון.  Absolutely beautiful!  But it's late, and we have a fairly long drive tomorrow to Beer Sheva.  Will update soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Shabbat Shalom if it applies :o)

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  1. WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled to hear this :) Wishing you and your surrogate the best of luck.