Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goodness, being post-call on the weekend certainly makes it easier to keep up with posting!  Not that I have such a treasure-trove of information to patient with MRSA endocarditis is still bacteremic despite the addition of ceftaroline to his daptomycin, but I doubt anybody wants to read about that.  Despite the fact that endocarditis may be my favorite infection.  Also I have a very frustrating ethical issue right now as a gentleman we admitted last night who at basline is not alert or responsive and is unlikely to improve is being pumped full of antibiotics and getting a new PEG tube.  I understand that he is young, and that this must be incredibly hard for his son.  But I don't see aggressive treatment benefitting either the patient or his family.  Fortunately, we have a wonderful palliative care team, and everyone will meet tomorrow to determine the goals of care.  (Except me -- I have day off #3!)

Meanwhile, I struggle to keep up with my friends.  One of my best friends is on night float in another city, so we struggle to find a suitable time for conversations.  Another is a teacher and I have so little to talk about these days except residency that I don't know how to talk to normal people.  Even Husband -- I try to spare him my recitation by calling Mama on the way home and processing my day before I get home.  I've never had such a need to talk about my day at the hospital before residency.  True, I sometimes carpooled with my parents during my rotations, and obviously we discussed our day on the way home; but now I just feel like I need to get it out and to process it.  I did feel like this back in February when I was working in the ICU.  I will be there again in two months, and I'm dreading it.  I nearly cried every day.  Yes, death is part of the cycle of life, but sometimes it takes people so young and it's so sad!

Okay, I though I was NOT going to discuss residency!

I do have a life outside the hospital, don't I?

Actually, I do.  My aunt is hosting a Spanish Night party next weekend, and we have a wedding the folllowing weekend.  I've never been to a full Catholic wedding, and I've never been to a Romanian wedding, so I get to see both at once!  It should also be wonderful to see my college girlfriends.  We had a nicest group, but it's such a struggle now to keep in touch.   I'm really looking forward to celebrating with them.  Of course, it might help if I hadn't lost the RSVP card...

Anyway, I should straighten the house but first, the Cool Physical Finding of the Day: increased tone, and 3+ reflexes -- yes, with extension!  (not as in the opposite of flexion)

Have a good week!

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