Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brief explanation

If you are reading this blog (and in that case -- don't you have something better to do?  Something real to read?) you obviously know we are in the waiting game.  Unfortunately, we are also of the kinehora, tfu tfu tfu, hamsa hamas hamsa Very Superstitious persuasion.  Meaning, if, be'ezrat Hashem, things go well, I can't write about it.  Apologies in advance.  You are welcome to apply deductive reasoning, however.

But no results yet.  So Schroedinger's Surrogate is, according to quantum mechanics, both pregnant and not pregnant at this moment.  Or perhaps she is carrying a cat?


  1. I think the phrase we use is "knock on wood", every time we are about to say something that we hope is true. It stems from the belief that there were spirits in the wood that would turn bad luck away.

    I'm knocking on wood right now that your surrogate is not carrying a cat.

  2. I work crazy hours at my work and get 20 min every hour to read about everyone else's lives so I don't have to think about mine so much. Like you there is so much to think about and obsess about. I like crying with someone or being happy for them if it goes right. It's reality tv in writing.lol